Wednesday, October 10, 2012

things about me

I remember  when I was in the  Ukraine and I was waiting for my parents to come get me from the orphanage. On March 18 my mom came to Ukraine to do the papers so I can go home. On March 20th my mom finally came to the Ukraine orphanage and I was so happy to see her and my dad came along to. In the Ukraine they only let us in the red building and no where else. But in couple of weeks they aloud us to go the the Ukrainian apartment. I don't really remember but the apartment didn't look the same as the orphanage it wasn't different for the orphanage and the apartment. I also remember when I asked mom to buy me a phone but she didn't because I all ready had a phone. Then we went to a  grocery store and i wanted so many things because i don't usually go to stores because they didn't let us in the orphanage.  I felt like i was a free men and i could do what ever I wanted but still had to stay with someone. I really like walking with my mom in the orphanage because I don't like walking with my Ukrainian friends because they alway get me into more trouble then I usually get in. The next thing I remember is when we went to visit my orphanage for the last time and when we arrived there I didn't let anyone touch my parent but my mom said "Just let them meet us",  and I said "Da".  Then we taught  my dad how to play a Ukrainian glass game he thought that game was fun but i thought it was twice as fun and double the fun he had. The only part i like about this game is you get to hit some one as hard as you can and then you go and try to go put the glass back together.  That was the only thing that was fun to do in Ukraine and soccer.
We came back to our apartment and went to bed because we were so tried and we didn't want to do anything else. The next morning I was going to make dinner for mom and I told her all the stuff I need to make grilled potato and I didn't really did it the way I thought Snizzana did.

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